Saturday, November 7, 2009

7 STANES trail wonderland

Here is a video of some of the best trails in Scotland, riding the 7Stanes.
Two good friends of mine took me to some of the best parts of the trails, both are exellent mountain bikers. Andy is the trail designer for the 7Stanes so he knows all the best sections of the trails to give you the best ride ever, and Ewen just likes to ride, he is a smooth rider, the type of guy you could watch ride trails and jumps all day. Thanks dudes.

Learning the trails around Westwood Lake

Well as the weather has started to turn cooler and this weekend there was snow on our mountain, Mt Benson, Im exited. And the weather is a awsome 9-14 deg to be riding.

I am doing a short route up from my place a 14km ride that takes me up the 2nd steepest road in Nanaimo at 29deg its a great hill to train on and once you hit the top you can cut into the woods on some single track that goes around the lake. From the far end of the lake you can turn up towards the summit on some wide trails that go under some power lines (Pylons, yes. Here in Canada a Pylon is a orange cone at a work site!?!?

So the trail gets real steep as you head up the single track and have to lift your bike over some steep rock but the awsome adventure about not knowing any part of a trail there is always motivation to keep seeing around the next corner or over the next hill or just ride this section of single track before turning back. So as Im riding along, gripped by a steep slippery decent I find myself wanting to keep riding the next line or section. I look at my watch and think I must turn around and find my way back, but decide this down hill section looks too good to not rattle down. But as Im hitting down this awsome section I keep seeing some north shore out the corner of my eye that is a little run down, hey Ive been here before I stop look around and realise in my exitement Ive managed to find a nice loop. So now next time Ill go that much further.